PPE Kit - Goggles, Mask, and Gloves

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Storm Goggles:
Never get caught without eye protection again! These goggles are full face sealed and designed to keep your eyes protected no matter what environment you find yourself in. 
  • FDA Certified Eye Protection
  • Full Face Seal 
  • UV400 Protection

Storm Mask

These masks are unique in that they have replaceable disposable KN-95 filters that attach to a sturdy neoprene sleeve. The mask has a velcro strap that attaches behind the head and is adjustable to ensure a full mouth and nose seal. 

Storm Gloves

Polyurethane coated working gloves that provide excellent dexterity for a variety of working situations. All gloves are sized as large, however, they have an elasticity which helps them form to multiple hand sizes.  

*Disclaimer: These masks have not been laboratory tested against COVID-19, all users should practice current guidelines set forth by medical officials to help prevent contraction of the virus.