Storm Full Face Neoprene Air Filter Mask

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Brand new Storm Masks!

The Mask: 

These masks are unique in that they have replaceable disposable carbon activated KN-95 filters that attach to a sturdy neoprene sleeve. The mask has a velcro strap that attaches behind the head and is adjustable to ensure a full mouth and nose seal. The small filtration valves ensure maximum air filtration intake without causing discomfort while breathing. 

These Storm 2.0 Masks have a slit in the Neoprene band that comfortably goes over the ears to provide stability and sure fit. The velcro strap that attaches behind the head keeps your ears pain free, while the ear slits keep the mask on your face! No more rubbing, redness, and sores behind the ears. Get a sure fit with great filtration!

*Disclaimer: These masks have not been laboratory tested against COVID-19, all users should practice current guidelines set forth by medical officials to help prevent contraction of the virus.