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DISCLAIMER: MEDKIT may be substituted with like design and matching contents if the model shown is unavailable.

The Basic Kit is our recommended starter package. It contains just the bare necessities. This kit comes with the Storm Skeleton which will provide significant room to add your own additions, extra clothes, shoes, important documents, and other select items. 

All of our Storm Packs Kits come with our free recommended packing checklist and Emergency Action Plan template. Additionally, every Storm Packs Kit comes with a 30-day Satisfaction Guaranteed Return Policy! If you are not completely satisfied we promise to make it right!

*Emergency food and water brands may change for equal quality products based on availability*



Storm Packs

      1. 30L Highly Water-Resistant Duffle / Backpack Conversion
      2. Internal mesh pocket for easy storage
      3. Waterproof External Pocket
      4. Concealable & Adjustable Backpack Straps  



      1. 30L LVL 4 Waterproof Rating - Submersible to 15ft.
      2. Welded Polyurethane Sealed Seams
      3. Air Tight TKK Zipper Technology
      4. Extreme Temperature deterrence 


      1.  6 x 4.2oz Dytrex Emergency Water Pouches (Per Person)


      1. 1 x DATREX 2400cal Emergency Ration - Shelf Life 5yrs  (Variety of   Flavors). Trusted by the Coast Guard and FEMA as a quality emergency food source. 

      1. First Aid How-To Booklet and Pencil
      2. Gloves, Sanitizer, and CPR Kit
      3. Multiple Sized Bandages
      4. Trauma Sheers
      5. Medical Tape
      6. Saline to wash out eye wounds
      7. Stabilizing Material to Treat Common Injuries


      1.  1 x TOOL KIT (NEW) - Products may vary from picture.

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