Sterno Inferno Stove

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We chose the Sterno Inferno because of its ultralight body, long burn time, and extremely simple to use design. The gel fuel source is clean burning and safe to store in your home, car or apartment. While gas stoves provide a hotter burning heat source and reliability at altitude, the Inferno satisfies all emergencies needs at the same or less weight!

In Sterno's words, the design of the Inferno evolved around the size of the standard Sterno cooking fuel can for compact transport and easy set-up when backpacking, motorcycle or bicycle camping. All parts nestle inside or surround the red anodized heat chamber containing the fuel can. To set up for use, stabilizing feet pivot out from the injection molded plastic base to support the heating chamber on uneven ground. The 16 oz. the cooking pot fits on top with a sealable plastic lid, and vinyl coated handles pivot out for safe handling.

*Fuel Canisters available as an add on item.