Best Flashlight Under $100

Surefire G2X PRO

I realize this may cause some souls blood to boil. People are passionate about their flashlights. I can respect that as I own over 30 different types of high-quality flashlights, and no two are the same. But the regrettable truth is you just can't beat the Surefire G2X PRO.

First, I will throw this out to my Streamlight loving brothers and sisters. Streamlight makes excellent products. They are durable, powerful, and rarely disappoint.

However, the Surefire G2x wins the prize due to its power, price, and presence.

Power: 600 Lumens of High-efficiency virtually indestructible LED emitters 

Price: $70-80 - Check current pricing

Presence: When you hold a G2x you immediately feel the quality and premium nature of a well-crafted product. The balance, weight, and grip are clearly intentionally designed to present you with the best performance possible. So here is the gist:

The Best Overall

Why should I buy it?

Power, price, and presence. The Surefire G2x simply only impresses its users. For the price, you cannot beat its durability and excellent grip. A close friend dropped his G2x off a 10 story building onto concrete and besides for some scratches and minor dents, it didn’t phase the G2x's performance.

What is it?

The best overall flashlight for continual use.

Who is it for?

Those who are looking for a continual use flashlight that is reliable, durable, and won't break the bank. First responders, military, construction, nightshift operators, hunters, fishermen, or the eccentric kid who wants to win at flashlight tag.

How much does it Cost?

$70-80: Check current pricing here.

Why did we pick it?

Personal experience using the G2x and other Surefire products. Hands down the most reliable and durable flashlight in its price and size category. 

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