5 Essentials for Skiing and Snow Boarding this Winter

5 Essentials for Skiing and Snow Boarding This Winter

So you want to be Shawn White or Lindsey Vonn and get your pow fix this winter. Good on ya.

Besides the obvious necessities of skis or a board, boots, winter waterproof clothes, and goggles, there are a couple of essentials that you will want to both enhance and capture your rad cab off that big drop.

Below are 5 Essentials that all beginner and intermediate skiers and boarders should have on them for safety and enjoyment on the groomers. If you want to get your backcountry on, then you will need a few other items. But for you groomers and park lovers, these will help you out.

1. Sun Screen & Chapstick

Don’t be stupid. Wear sunscreen. It only takes one bad burn to make you never make the same mistake again.

My friend had to go to the hospital because he underestimated the snow reflection of UV. His lips tripled in size. No joke, they looked like two slugs protruding out of his mouth.

You can't go wrong with Burt's Bees, but my favorite sunscreen chapstick is Sun Bum, because I am from SoCal.

Any Sun Screen above SPF 30 will do, but again, Sun Bum is the deal.

2. Waterproof Phone Case

For those not rolling GoPros, or don’t have their own personal drone covering their sick backflip, you will probably be using your phone to snap selfies on the chairlift or slow-mos of your friends getting 12in of lift-off a baby mogul.

I have personally witnessed three iPhones and one Samsung bite the dust from water damage due to being dropped in the snow or snow getting in the jacket pocket. Thankfully, most new smartphones are water-resistant, but still, snow creeps in everywhere.

Save yourself the time and money and just by a $20 case. You will be glad you did.

3. Waterproof Touch Screen Capable Gloves

The sheer agony of removing your gloves, wiping your nasty sweat off your phone screen, and trying to take a self on a chairlift getting -15 degrees wind chill is just silly.

Unless you are an advanced boarder or skier, you don’t need the latest hotness as far as gloves are concerned. You want something warm, waterproof, and that you don’t have to take off to take a picture.

There are many options out there, WindRider is good enough to do the job and doesn’t break the bank at $30-35


4. First Aid Medical Kit

If you even think about attempted anything backcountry or through the tree line, bring a basic trauma kit.

I was bombing down the backside of a run, and sure enough, I see this guy in a red ski jacket on his back next to a tree, with red blood-stained snow surrounding his head. I will never ski again without a basic trauma kit. It took 30 minutes before one of the Search and Rescue teams made it to us.

The options for Medkits are endless. If you are up for paying the money, you can't go wrong with a MyMedic MyFak kit. But for those on a budget, Adventure Medical Kits are pretty comprehensive and will get the immediate job done for basic treatment.


5. Hydration Pack with Insulated Hose

Last but not least, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Have you ever walked into the ski lodge, and for some reason all you want is water? You hit the water fountain like a raging buffalo.

Skiing and boarding consumes a significant amount of energy, and since it is cold, you don’t often think about drinking. And since it is cold, anything you would bring to drink will probably freeze two hours into the day.

Having a backpack is smart for many reasons, but insulating water and drinking on the go is an excellent one. CamelBak created the Sno Blast and Ski versions of their hydration packs. They work awesome, and as long as you don’t overpack them, feel really comfortable while boarding or skiing.

These will help you enjoy the slows with a little more comfort and safety! Leave a comment if you have other suggestions!

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