What is Modern Survival

When someone today hears the word survival or survivalist, they normally think of Bear Grylls, a doomsday prepper, or a bearded grizzle looking man who hasn’t spoken to another human in years. Modern survival isn’t any of these. Modern Survival focuses on two primary items.


1. Preparation for Real Threats

California Wildfires from 2018

Statistically, survivors of natural disasters in the last 15 years have not had to know how to construct dense forest shelters, make a bow and arrow, trap animals, nor use Jedi skills with a bowie knife in order to survive.


Modern Survival uses real data to evaluate current threats. Using excellent resources like the Annual Disaster Statistical Review or the 2018-2022 FEMA Strategic Plan, Storm Packs has tailored its production and education to address current threats to modern survival.


The biggest threats are typically starvation or dehydration from entrapment, hypothermia, contaminated water, and first aid. Recent studies have shown that the majority of mortality from natural disasters comes from immediate sustained injuries that are unaddressed.


In the 2018-2022 FEMA Strategic Plan, they articulate that during national emergencies, the real first responders are those who took steps to prepare beforehand.



The best solution, as identified by all experts, is prevention. Being prepared, trained, and equipped to maneuver an emergency situation in a modern context is the best source for survival.

Hurricane Harvey's Effects
FEMA states, “People who are prepared will be able to act quickly and decisively in the face of disaster, preventing death and injuries, minimizing loss of property, and enabling successful recovery.”

What we have found is a baseline for prevention. The minimum standard is having a plan and a pack with necessary items on hand…and actually knowing where that pack is located.

Beyond that baseline, modern solutions can be tailored to individuals and specific geographic threats. For example, a location that is susceptible to hurricanes and typhoons will have distinctions from areas where earthquakes are expected to occur.





Modern Survival focuses on real threats to our survival and those we love.


2. Utilizing New Technology and Equipment
While nuclear war is possible, the chances of your home getting hit by a natural disaster are significantly more likely. That being said, one of your best aids in an emergency is your




With different applications, Wi-Fi networks, and tracking features, phones today offer emergency solutions that were unavailable 15 years ago. Even if cell networks go down, there are ways to utilize your phone as an emergency beacon (will discuss more on this later). With the right preparation, your phone can easily be an excellent prevention against certain disasters.


There’s even technology available inexpensively that can create mesh networks to enable streamline communication without the need for cell service or a working phone!

Equipment today is better than ever. We have more gadgets than James Bond. Not all of them are helpful. However, items like the Inferno Stove we offer on our products page (featured in our Storm Duo Pack) provide immediate heat, water filtration, and food prep by its green clean-burning fuel canister. No need to get the flint out, gather kindling, and try to make a fire.







Modern Survival uses relevant data to evaluate real threats and then provides a solution utilizing new technology and equipment.



Storm Packs is committed to Standardizing Modern Survival. We pledge to research, inform, and develop solutions to overcome the threats we face today and plan for what we will face tomorrow.

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