Best Vehicle Jump Starter - NOCO Genius Boost Series

NOCO Genius Boost Series

The market has been flooded recently with all sorts of portable jump starters. The days of needing your neighbor to pull onto your front lawn and dig in fat tread tire marks in order to give you a jump are gone. No longer get the call from your teenager that the battery “mysteriously” died while they were at a friend’s house. At relatively affordable pricing you can charge your iPhone, watch cat videos, inflate your tires, and jump your car all at the same time.

NOCO was one of the first to the portable jump starter market. They have been doing battery powered products for X years and have developed the reputation of excellence and dependability. Their Genius Boost series offers solutions for every type of engine size. It doesn’t matter if you have a car, truck, boat, RV, yacht, or a G6 Jet (maybe a touch extreme with the jet). These are a must-have in every vehicle. But it can be difficult to know how to pick the right one. Here is a basic cheat sheet to know how many max Amps you will need for your situation.

NOCO Genius Boost 400A - Up to 4.0L Gasoline Engines 

NOCO Genius Boost 1000A - Up to 6.0L Gas. or 3.0L Diesel Engines 

NOCO Genius Boost 2000A - 8.0L+ Gas. or 6.0L Diesel Engines

The Best Overall

Why should I buy it?

Because it makes sense. It is an item that in our 21st century should be standard in any vehicle. Not only do they provide a way to jump-start a vehicle, but they add another layer of security to be able to change a cell phone, power a small air compressor, and act as an emergency flashlight.

What is it?

The most reviewed and trusted emergency Jump Starter

Who is it for?

Anyone who owns or operates an engine with a battery.

How much does it Cost?

$70-250 depending on what model: Check current pricing

Why did we pick it?

While there are a lot of knock-offs out there that do the job, NOCO is a trusted and dependable brand since 1914. When it comes to an emergency piece of equipment like this, we would prefer to pay a little extra cash.

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