A Plan and Pack for Every Home

Storm Packs is committed to Standardizing Modern Survival. Our goal is to educate and equip every home to have an emergency plan and pack, even if it’s not ours.

Why do I need an Emergency Plan?

From 2007-2016 the world has lost an annual average of 68,274 lives to natural disasters…many of those in progressive areas such as the US, Asia, and Europe. Hundreds of disasters occur every year. While sometimes these disasters can be predicted, forecasted, and prepared for, often times they hit without notice.

Number of Natural Disasters in 2017: Image provided by the Annual Disaster Statistical Review for 2017
Most people who are unprepared have never experienced a natural disaster. But it only takes one to understand the crucial necessity for a plan.

When disaster hits, normal day-to-day functionalities that we rely so heavily on can be degraded or destroyed. Cell phones lose reception, power goes off, emergency services become overwhelmed, and you have to navigate a completely foreign decision-making process where each choice could be critical.

Three Benefits to an Emergency Plan

1. It Can Save Your Life and the Lives of Others!

2. Gives You Peace of Mind Knowing Your Family Has a Plan.

3. Brings Clarity and Calmness to Stressful Situations by Letting You Know Exactly What Your Loved-Ones Are Going to Do and Where They’ll Go to Find You.

Developing an emergency plan is free but can be difficult to start without some assistance. Storm Packs wants to help make it simple for you and your family. Look for our post on this topic and take this important step for your family this year!

Why do I need an Emergency Pack?

During the wildfires that hit Southern California this year, displaced families found themselves in a panic. In one moment, people went from having more than they knew what to do with, to nothing but random belongings littered in their car. Their safe haven, Walmart’s parking lot waiting on provisions from government agencies.

The US government has published minimum supplies that everyone should have available to support themselves and their families for 72 hours before emergency responders are able to reach them. In places like the West Coast, the government recommends as much as two weeks for earthquake-prone locations!





An emergency pack ensures that you, your family, and those you come into contact with are equipped with the essentials to survive until help arrives. More than that. A pre-planned pack provides a level of confidence and clarity during what could be the most stressful and chaotic event of your life. Knowing your family has one location that’s easily accessible for emergency supplies is incredibly important.

Our goal at Storm Packs is to utilize our military survival training and experience to transform advanced techniques into simple usable steps anyone can benefit from. While you don’t need an underground bunker with years of stored food and supplies, there are a few items every home should have access when needed. Items like a home EAP, emergency kit, fireproof safe, and others are vitally important.

Three benefits to an Emergency Pack:

1. It Can Save Your Life and the Lives of Others!

2. Gives You Peace of Mind Knowing Your Family Has the Essentials Available if Needed.

3. Your Emergency Pack is the Only Thing You Need to Grab!

Storm Packs goal is to help every home develop and tailor an emergency plan and pack according to their unique context, circumstances, and scope. We are dedicated to delivering you premier solutions that fit your life and needs, even if that personalized solution doesn’t carry our name.

However, if you’d like to check out the premier emergency packs we created for our own families, check out our products page at www.stormpacks.com/products

Thank you for your time! Live confidently through awareness this year!

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